02/03/16 - Kota Kinabalu


You've probably noticed that not much happened here for a long time, the reason is that too much happened in that time so that I didn't get a chance to update this here.

What happened?
I left Australia 6th of May 2014 and flew to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia which is on the third largest island in the World - Borneo - which also happens to have the oldest rainforest amd greatest marine biodiversity in the world.
When I arrived at the airport a nice little Chinese girl picked me up and helped me to arrange a hostel and organize my 29th birthday in a diver-paradise..
She is now my girlfriend and after we moved house 4 times in 3 month we now have our own apartment that we shared until recently with a cute little cat.
After discovering a lot of Borneo I started work at Pacificity, where they quickly realized my potential and gave me a vital role to make a difference in the project.
This means that for quite some time I won't be traveling like before, but that offers you the opportunity to come and visit me like my parents did around Christmas when I could see them again for the first time after 1000 days.
08/20/15 - Kota Kinabalu


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07/15/15 - Kota Kinabalu

Mabul & Sipadan

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06/30/15 - Kota Kinabalu

Airlie Beach & Whitsundays, Gold Coast and flight

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06/18/15 - Kota Kinabalu

Mount Ogilby ⁄ For Far Farm (Work)

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